Jacob Haust

With a passion for design, electric vehicles, engineering and the environment, Jacob is combining his interests to help make the world a more sustainable place for generations to come.

Articles by Jacob Haust

iceland four day workweek

4 Day Workweek More Sustainable for Companies & Employees

Four day workweek schedules have been tested on countries like Iceland with sustainable results. Four day workweeks often results in happier ...

bc deforestation heat waves

How BC Clear Cut Logging is Connected to Canada’s Heat Waves

In June and July of 2021 record heat waves shattered previous records recorded in British Columbia and not just by a few degrees. To put into ...


What is Biochar & How to Make it

Biochar is a carbon rich material that we can make to use as a fertilizer and help fight climate change.

is nuclear energy sustainable

Is Nuclear Energy Sustainable?

Is nuclear energy sustainable? Due to construction materials, operation waste and safety, nuclear energy is not sustainable.

uber canada zero emissions

#2: Uber Canada’s Zero Emissions Goals Through 2030

While Uber has lofty goals for sustainability that we would like to see them achieve, taking care of their drivers in the process should be of ...

black tesla model y

Tesla Model Y Crossover SUV Review

The Tesla Model Y was the most anticipated electric SUV crossover release and is set to be the world top selling electric vehicle surpassing ...

vw selling bugatti to rimac

Electric Car Maker Rimac Buying Bugatti from Volkswagen

The Buggatti brand with be owned by electric supercar manufacturer by stake ownership. Where VW will have a larger stake in Rimac through ...

bugatti badge on grill

VW Strategy Behind Selling Bugatti to Rimac is Genius

The strategy and structure of VW buying more stake in Rimac through handover of Bugatti brand. It make sense to turn V12 supercars electric in 2021.

green beard grooming

Green Beard Grooming is Planting Trees & Helping Save the Planet

Green Beard Grooming, a sustainable beard care company looking to make the world a greener place.

red model 3 charging

#1: Electric Vehicles & Climate Change

In the first episode of the BeSustainable podcast we talk about how electric cars are one of the first critical keys in replacing fossil fuel use ...

tesla cybertruck

Tesla Cybertruck Details

The Tesla Cybertruck may be one of the boldest truck let alon eelectric truck every made. As they build the Cybertruck plant in Austin Texas we ...

zero waste coffee brewing

Zero Waste Coffee Brewing Methods

Zero waste coffee is easier to make and can be done using cold brew, french press, pour over and espresso machine brewing methods.

earth day 2020 covid-19

Earth Day 2020 During Isolation

Earth Day 2020 during isolation and how its affected our view of out place on Earth.

nissan leaf charging station

Used Nissan Leaf Review After 6 Years of Ownership

Reviewing the Nissan Leaf reliability, range, battery life, charging and maintenance after owning a used Nissan leaf for 6 years.

zero waste grocery shopping guide

Complete Zero Waste Grocery Shopping Guide

Complete zero waste guide to grocery shopping with tips on how to do it.

zero waste granville island sign

Zero Waste on Granville Island Vancouver BC

Granville Island has created innovative zero waste methods to produce artisanal goods in a sustainable way.

reusable shopping bags ban during covid-19

Shopping Bags Ban During COVID-19 Pandemic

Reusable shopping bags during a pandemic and why they should replace plastics bags.

greenland icesheet melting fast

Greenland Ice Sheet Melting Faster Than Predicted

Greenland's ice sheet is melting way faster than predicted which is alarming some climate scientists regarding climate change.

climate change causing global warming and weather

Climate Change VS Global Warming & Weather

The difference between climate change, global warming and weather and how they are all related.

sustainable forestry iceland and climate change

Sustainable Forestry Brings Trees Back to Iceland

Iceland once covered by forests from the mountains to the ocean shores recently had less than %1 of the island covered by forests. Learn what ...

range rover electric vehicle

2021 Cars That Would Make Great Electric Vehicles

With the future of the auto industry being electric vehicles, many automakers seem to be missing opportunities to make some truly great electric ...

electric 370z

Future Electric Nissan 370Z Potential

There has been talk about an electric Nissan 370Z. Will Nissan take tech from the Nissan Leaf and make an electric 2 door 370Z coupe we've all ...

rivian r1s electric suv

2021 Rivian R1S All Electric SUV

The Rivian R1S is an all electric SUV designed for road trips and off roading adventures. Discover why this electric SUV will dominate the market ...

rivian r1t electric pickup truck

2021 Rivian R1T All Electric Pickup Truck

The all electric pickup truck Rivian R1T, coming out in late 2020, is one of the most anticipated electric cars to be released this year with ...

climate change deniers and skeptics

Climate Change Deniers, Skeptics & Evidence

A science based approach to the undeniable causes of climate change and the evidence behind it.

melting glacier

How to Deal with Climate Change Deniers

Climate Change deniers fall into a few groups of people and depending on what type of Climate Change denier they are, there are better ways of ...

green majority podcast radio show

The Green Majority Radio Podcast

The Green Majority Radio podcast based in Toronto Ontario discussed environmental justice every Friday at 12pm.

tesla supercharger winter snow

How to Drive Electric Cars in Winter

Electric Vehicles see battery range drop significantly in winter but there are things you can do to improve it. Learn how to drive electric cars ...

kangara australia forest fires

Australian Forest Fires Heading into 2020

With global temperatures rising and some climates becoming drier, Australia's forest fires are an example of things to come if we do nothing to ...

white model 3 winter snow performance

Tesla Model 3 Winter Performance & Range in Snow

The Tesla Model 3's winter range and performance make it one of the most exceptional EVs on the market today. Winter tests give it an average ...

Portland Oregon Stumptown

Why is Portland Oregon Called Stumptown?

Portland Oregon is also known as "Stumptown". Learn the dark but interesting side to the founding of Portland and it's effects on the environment.