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Climate Change Deniers, Skeptics & Evidence

climate change deniers and skeptics

Climate Change deniers are simply infuriating given the current state of the Planet Earth. Oceans are warming and acidifying, much of the planet is on fire, temperatures year after year set new records, multiple species are going extinct everyday and ice caps are melting at rates faster than predicted. Yet somehow, members of our species (including Nation Leaders) for some reason or another deny that the Earth’s climate is changing and humans may or may not have anything to do with it.

According to Nasa, Nearly 97% of scientific experts agree that human action is causing climate change and the burning fossil fuels is changing the health of the planet. A majority if not all of these scientists make sure their work has a responsible impact on society and are doing everything can to get this information to the right people. The people who are suppose to take action when this type of information is set forth by the scientific community. Even the scientists who worked for the very industries responsible for the climate emergency we are in (the oil industries) predicted with incredible accuracy what global warming would look like 40+ years ago. Yet almost half a century later, the action of world leaders and industries is no where near in proportion to the warning laid out in those reports.

U.S Representative Ocasio Cortez Questions ExxonMobil Scientist on Climate Change

Not only the some members of the general public Climate Change deniers and skeptics, even some people who are suppose to lead nations and organizations refuse that Climate Change is real. There are over 18 individual scientific organizations that are part of a scientific consensus that Earth’s Climate is warming and its caused by humans. Its quite difficult to argue with some of the smartest scientists on the planet that have researched and wrote the very data that proves human caused Climate Change.

People on Public Record as Climate Change Deniers & Skeptics w/References

  • Donald Trump (no explanation needed, has essentially dismantled the EPA)
  • Greg Rickford (Energy Minister in Ontario Canada)
  • Scott Morrison (Australian Prime Minister)
  • Doug Ford (Premier of Ontario Canada) Note: not confirmed but questionable actions/inaction
  • Fred Singer (Austrian Physicist)
  • Dick Armey (Former Chairman of Freedom Works)
  • The Koch Brothers (American Businessmen who own an oil pipeline among other companies)
  • Glenn Beck (Conservative commentator and radio host)
  • Robert Byrd (Former U.S Senator)
  • Newt Gingrich (Former Speaker U.S House of Represenatives)
  • Mike Pence (Vice President of United States)
  • People and organizations who stand to profit from the oil industry (Most but not all, there is literal incentive for them to)

In the unexpected, Steve Williams (the CEO of Canada’s largest oil company) Suncor Energy Inc is on record as saying that “climate change is almost certainly happening” and “definitely a contributor is fossil fuels”. This shows a stark contrast to the last item on the list “People and organizations who stand to profit from the oil industry”. Some people know and admit that climate change is real, fossil fuels are contributing divers of it… yet they continue business as usual knowing what possible outcomes may be.

"Save Our Planet" Climate Change Activist
“Save Our Planet” Climate Change Activist Photo by Markus Spiske

In an example of leadership, even the Pentagon has pointed out that Climate Change denial is a threat to national security and have highlighted what the potential future dangers may be if we do nothing to stop what is already on course.

If certain people, who are voted into “leadership” positions either fail to act on evidence of Climate Change or are known Climate Change Deniers, it is the general public’s responsibility and other leaders to ensure that proper action is taken… simply for the sake of human and public safety. Its is the very reason that we have certain procedures at all levels to remove individuals from their elected positions when they fail to serve the public and they fail as leaders. Its is the lack of action by both the general public and other leaders for over 40 years that has resulted in the Climate Emergency we are now faced with.

“We are the last generation that can prevent irreparable damage to our planet”

General Assembly President María Fernanda Espinosa Garcés

We have been given 11 years by the United Nations to prevent irreversible damage from Climate Change. In terms of time, that isn’t much at all to perform the kind of change required to reverse or even stop the damage we have caused and are currently doing to the Earth’s environment. This means that all the responsibilities of taking action to prevent damage to the Earth and our ability to live here on our one planet falls on us, right now. This is the last chance that humanity has to do the following not in ten years… but starting now.

  1. Halt the production & use of all fossil fuels (oil, natural gas, coal)
  2. Greatly reduce the amount CO2 emissions from the manufacturing industry
  3. Greatly reduce, limit or even stop CO2 emissions from electricity production

It doesn’t matter that some people are Climate Change deniers and skeptics. It does matter, that some leaders of organizations and nations are. But what ultimately matters, is that we all take action to do our part to change our impact on the environment starting with our use of fossil fuel transportation. This is the #1 thing that will have the most impact on Climate Change and what determines our future. Its up to you.

List of Climate Change Denier & Skeptic References:

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