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Green Beard Grooming is Planting Trees & Helping Save the Planet

green beard grooming

If your looking for a company to buy beard care products from and care about the planet you live on… Green Beard Grooming has got you covered. They produce wooden beard combs and beard oils that are ethically produced so you can feel good knowing you’re doing something good for the planet. On top of that they plant trees fro every product purchased.

I personally bought 3 combs and as a result got 1 tree planted on Australia. Keep in mind that Australia’s forest fires have been some of the most devastating in recent years so even 1 tree helps make a small difference.

Why Does Green Beard Grooming do This?

Preface: Most of the products in the men’s care realm are made from plastic which of course comes from the oil industry and every single product made from oil (no matter how small) pollutes the planet at least twice.

  1. At the production levels from taking oil out of the ground to the numerous manufacturing processes it goes through to make the product.
  2. When the product gets disposed of it rarely get recycled. It ends up in a landfill, lost in a parking lot or tossed aside somewhere polluting the planet for a second time.

So on top of the purchasing of those products supporting the oil industry… plastic combs that are made in the hundreds of millions often end up polluting the planet in some way.

green beard grooming beard oils

Green Beard Grooming aims to “challenge what customers expect from the mens grooming industry”. There are a few big name brands in the men’s self care industry (even some new ones) that have billions in profit yearly, yet do nothing (or do very little) to give back to the environment. Green Beard Grooming aims to change this industry through environmental awareness.

To make the bearded world a greener place; through reforestation, reducing plastic waste, promoting environmental awareness, entertaining people, and by fundamentally challenging what’s expected from the beard industry.

Green Beard Grooming

So if more men support companies like Green Beard Grooming the rest of the industry will have no choice but to follow its example. It’s a simple way to tell companies “take care of the environment and do good for the planet” by supporting the ones that do.

How Does the Green Beard Grooming Company Work?

Green Beard Grooming’s Story

Green Beard Grooming works with One Tree Planted which is a non-profit organization based in Vermont dedicated to helping global reforestation. For every product sold, Green Beard Grooming plants trees through them. The type and amount of product determines how many trees get planted. Below are a few examples of the products offered and how many trees get planted for each purchase.

  • Every 3 comb pack = 1 tree planted
  • Every “Tree-mendous” folding comb = 2 trees planted
  • Each Combo Pack of combs = 3 trees planted
beard oils and comb

DIY beard oil kits have been added to the product list which is a really cool and affordable idea. Customers liked this idea so much that they reached their funding goal within the first 7 hours. DIY beard oil kits are a great way to test out what beard oils work for you, find out which ones you like and plant even more trees!

  • Bearded Roots 4 Pack of Oils = 4 trees planted
  • Bearded Roots 4 Pack of Oils + 3 Pocket Combs = 5 trees planted
  • Bearded Roots 4 Pack of Oils + 1 Folding Comb = 6 trees planted
  • Bearded Roots 6 Pack of Oils = 6 trees planted

The prices range from only $20 to $30 or you can get all of them for $60 and plant 15 trees in the process! The trees planted from this project will go to reforesting Colorado and California which have been heavily impacted from forest fires.

The idea for all organizations and companies planting trees around the world is that collectively they can and are making big difference in helping make the world a healthier, greener place for generations to come. Until we can get the world to a zero emissions state planting trees helps sequester the carbon that fossil fuels are putting into the atmosphere. So to forward thinking men that understand this (and have beards) its an easy decision to help support Green Beard Grooming.

So whose the man behind Green Beard Grooming? His name is Ryan Trump, who grew up planting trees as a kid and really enjoyed the process. That was the “seed planted” in his mind when the time came to solve a problem. He realized that he kept losing plastic combs (which aren’t good for beards anyway) and realized that wood combs are unnecessarily expensive when he went to buy some. So what did he do? He built Green Beard Grooming to supply these combs at an affordable price while planting trees at the same time.

How to Support Green Beard Grooming

The concept of giving more than you get can create a world of abundance when put into action. By helping men take care of themselves and the planet we live on 1 beard and 1 tree at a time… efforts like this can have exponential beneficial impacts. If more companies planted 1 tree for every product sold… we can create millions more jobs planting trees and help counteract the damage we’re doing to the Earth.

Thank you Ryan for being one of the few with the courage to take on this challenge of helping to save our environment. If you’d like to support the planet and get some cool beard combs or beard oils in the process check out Green Beard Grooming’s DIY Beard Oil Kickstarter project or head on over to Amazon for a folding Sandalwood pocket comb. Green Beard Grooming’s goal is to plant 1,528 trees with the first project and the ultimate goal of planting 50,000 trees in the first year! Green Beard Grooming also has a solid Instagram.

Jacob Haust

With a passion for design, electric vehicles, engineering and the environment, Jacob is combining his interests to help make the world a more sustainable place for generations to come. He went to University for Industrial Design where he understood materials, processes and manufacturing. This is a key part as a designer in order to understand what can and can't be done when manufacturing with certain materials and what materials to choose when designing for specific applications. So he has a fairly deep understanding of materials used in everyday products and the processes used to make them. As a kid he also lived in Iceland for years where he toured geothermal power plants and gained an appreciation for the engineering and sustainability of this energy source.

jacob haust


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