If your looking to stay up to date with sustainable news and developments in Canada, the Green Majority Podcast based in Toronto Ontario has been producing a weekly show since 2006. They’re a part of the CUIT Radio Network discuss many developments in environmentalism and climate politics. If your listening by good old fashioned radio, you can tune into their radio show at CUIT 89.5fm. The Green Majority focused on environmental/climate justice while discussing the science behind the facts.

In a very informative podcast on COP25 (United Nations Climate Change Conference), they discuss corporate roles in green washing the conference, creating destabilization and contributing to the failure of the conference as a whole. The climate change conference, whose goal was to unite nations on taking collective action on climate change, ultimately ended in failure to agree on anything. Listen to the COP25 Podcast Episode to understand what really happened at what was suppose to be a proactive meeting of nation leaders and what future solutions may be.

Climate Change Activism Photo by Markus Spiske

While the show lets us know the important facts regarding things like climate change and oil industries, they also provide hope. Its easy to have a “dark” outlook in regards to our current environment and what the future may hold. But one of The Green Majority podcasts ‘Learning to Love‘ with Professor Stephen Scharper from the University of Toronto discusses how you can take in all of the important data that we need to know about but think about how to go about living well in a holistic, sustainable way and have a positive vision of the future at the same time. This podcast episode draws attention to the role of Nature and healing. That in order to be more human, we have to understand out inter-connectivity to nature and our role in it. To have a better understanding of where we fit, our roles within Nature and what we can do, this is a great episode to listen to.

The Green Majority Podcast is an educational podcast where you get to hear concepts, studies, science and news on sustainability directly from leaders doing work in their fields to ensure that humanity and Earth co-exist. The show produces weekly content on environmental issues that the corporate media often refrains from talking about.

If your concerned about the environment and want to tap into whats happening in Canada and around the globe in regards to climate change and the environment at upper levels, I highly recommend giving the Green Majority Podcast a listen.